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Free iTunes Backup Extractor


Version: 5.3.0

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: ThunderSoft

Works under:Windows 8

Free iTunes Backup Extractor allows iTunes users to retrieve unencrypted audio and video files from their iTunes-generated backups.

As any iTunes user knows, the software has a feature that allows users to make backups of all content they have purchased. This comes in a proprietary format, and moving these files onto another platform can be a nightmare. That's where Free iTunes Backup Extractor comes in.

This program recognizes the proprietary format Apple uses to "pack" all of your music and videos into a large archive. Since the archive isn't encrypted, the program can easily use the knowledge of the archive's structure to extract its contents. This software is meant for users who wish to transfer their library of legally purchased music and movies to a device that doesn't support iTunes, such as a Linux-based computer.

Free iTunes Backup Extractor is one of the few tools on the market to get this job done free.